ClubCoin Mining | How Profitable Is It?

When I bought into Bitclub Network shares I also received a number of ClubCoin. At first, I didn’t take too much notice but then I did some calculations… and wow!

While it is possible to mine ClubCoin from within your Bitclub Network account, the returns are better if you download a wallet – for free – and mine them yourself. It works in the background whenever your computer is running so if you’re online a lot of the time – like me – that’s all you need to do.

However, I have taken it a step further to ensure that I am mining 24/7 whether my computer is switched on or not.

So let’s get into the details.


How Profitable is ClubCoin Mining?

As you can see below, the wallet mined 192 ClubCoin over 8 days so that’s an average of 24 per day.

ClubCoin mining wallet

At the time of writing this post, ClubCoin is trading at 13.6p each so that’s £3.26 earned per day.

£3.26 x 365 days in a year, divided by 12 months = £99.28 earned each month.

Note: the highest price that ClubCoin has traded at in 2016 is 62.2p which would increase earnings to £454.06 per month.

Of course, that is assuming that my computer is switched on 24/7 so power costs would have to be allowed for.


Running the ClubCoin Wallet 24/7

My solution to this is to use a ‘virtual server’. This is a very cheap and easy way to mine ClubCoin day and night without having to be connected to the internet at all. It’s like having a computer in the cloud, always on and always working.

I simply log in when I want to check how my mining is going.

I use a company called Tagadab who offer a Windows server for as little as £17.99 per month. It’s definitely the best way to maximise this opportunity.



The Future of ClubCoin

My ClubCoin is currently worth around £3,422 (25,162 x 13.6p). That’s not bad at all considering I didn’t pay a thing for them!

If the value were to reach the 2016 high again, the value would rocket to £15,651. Actually, it would be more than that as I would have been mining more each day. I think I would probably sell half at that point and let the other half run.

However, it needs to get there first. In the meantime, I’ll keep on adding more to my wallet.


ClubCoin Explained



ClubCoin Update

Bitclub Network are very excited about the future of ClubCoin and published the following update to members:

ClubCoin is making good progress with each passing day. Our network is stable and growing, all desktop wallets are working and staking without any major bugs, and we continue to see the amount of the ClubCoin transactions going up.

We have been working with Coinomi to get ClubCoin listed on their platform and we are excited to announce the wallet is LIVE and out of the Beta phase. You can now download it through Google Play store and install on Android devices.

Coinomi has great features and really tight security, you can also exchange ClubCoin for other ALT coins very easily and hold them within Coinomi’s App. We are excited to be part of this mobile wallet and encourage you to download it.

If you haven’t seen our new Facebook Support Page yet click here and bookmark it. We provide full support on ClubCoin related issued through this so if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or testimonials to help support future members we would love to hear from you.

We are also in the process of launching a new interactive FAQ’s support website.

If you would like to keep ClubCoin offline we are finalizing the details on full tutorial on how you can easily generate a paper wallet address and literally keep your coins offline. These wallets will not be staking wallets but will provide the most security and should be used more like a vault to safely store large amounts of ClubCoin.

ClubCoin has been approved for Poloniex and has passed all qualifications and requirements. They are unable to notify us exactly “when” ClubCoin will be listed but they said sometime in the near future and they would let us know. The reason they cannot say anything specific is to avoid any possible insider information. When the coin will be listed they will announce details to everyone through their Twitter page.

We will keep you posted on this and we are very excited to be listed with this exchange!

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