HyperFund Membership


HyperFund is an easy and affordable way to get into crypto. Very simply, become a member for as little as 300 USDT ($300) and instantly receive daily rewards until you get 3x your membership back.

You don't have to do anything else, unless you choose to accelerate your rewards.

I started receiving 25 HU (25 USDT) in daily rewards the day I joined. By building a team, it has accelerated to more than 200 HU (200 USDT) per day which allows me to rebuy more memberships at 3x... which accelerate my rewards even more!

It sounds too good to be true, until you understand the overall aim.

Ryan Xu (the founder) has a financial interest in 48 crypto exchanges, including 4.8% ownership of Binance. He was an angel investor in 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, runs one of the four largest Bitcoin mining hubs in the world and owns his own bank (which offers customers a $50,000 daily limit on Visa cards).

It's fair to say that Ryan Xu is single-handedly responsible for some of the most innovative and disruptive blockchain technologies in existence.

Ryan and his business partner, Sam Lee, have collaborated with the Australian government and have been featured on Sky News. Here is an Amazon Prime documentary all about blockchain, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee...

So... Ryan owns three crypto exchanges outright; BWCoinW and Hoo. I just looked them up on CoinMarketCap and saw that the daily volume for these exchanges over the past 24 hours totalled $2.73bn. That's a huge amount of money... imagine the commissions being generated!

This is where HyperFund comes in. For Ryan's exchanges to be very successful, he needs people using them. In order to get people using them, he needs liquidity. In order to get liquidity, he's happy to pay rewards in crypto which you can then convert to whatever you want.

It's a land grab for a new technology. If Ryan gets it right, he'll own the Facebook of crypto. If you think about it, it's similar to Betfair and the ongoing lack of competition. If only Smarkets or Matchbook had more liquidity, people would use them!

So that's why the rewards are paid and you don't need to do a thing to get your 3x.

If you choose to accelerate your rewards, you can introduce other people. This is great news for Ryan as he then has even more liquidity heading to his exchanges. You can even rebuy rewards which also result in a further 3x return.

Membership starts at 300 USDT ($300) and everyone is treated equally. No matter which membership you decide on, you'll receive 3x in rewards.


I was introduced to HyperFund by a good friend, Graham, who has been a member for more than a year. He started with a 1,000 USDT membership, used his rewards to rebuy more memberships and introduced some other people.

His daily rewards have now accelerated to more than 11,000 HU!

1 HU = 1 USDT = $1

Graham is rebuying memberships one day and withdrawing the next. That means, he's withdrawing somewhere in the region of 15 days x 11,000 HU = 165,000 HU every month.

He's then able to convert his HU into a crypto token, move it to an exchange and do whatever he wants with it. He can convert it to Bitcoin or withdraw it as cash. Graham has had no issues with withdrawals at any point.

Remember... these are accelerated rewards, not unsustainable commissions. Every membership that Graham rebuys returns 3x, the same as everyone else.

Despite Graham's amazing success, I did plenty of research before buying my 5,000 USDT membership. 

I very quickly found some negative articles on Google, but nothing too concerning. Things like the FCA stating that crypto is unregulated... as if that's breaking news! I'm sure that regulation will come to the crypto markets soon enough but, once it does, the days of mega profits will be over. We're still in the "Wild West" stage of crypto when huge returns are plentiful and I'd like that to continue for a while yet.

There were some 'scam' warnings too, littered with adverts for whatever the author happened to be promoting at the time! That's the oldest trick in the book. Considering Ryan Xu has a financial interest in 48 crypto exchanges that have billions upon billions of dollars in daily trading volumes (Binance alone over the past 24 hours did $19.8bn) is he really going to risk jail in order to scam me out of $5,000?!

Of course, things can go wrong and there's little comeback if they do. Unregulated markets are riskier than regulated markets, but provide much bigger returns when things go well.

It's a question of risk/reward. I'm prepared to risk a small amount of money given the potential for huge returns. If nothing much comes of it, no problem and I'll move on to the next opportunity. I have previously shared four crypto projects and a $1,000 investment in each one turned $4,000 into $261,249, despite only two of them being profitable. It's a numbers game.

My HyperFund Membership (Last Updated 11th November 2021)

On 17th October 2021, I had a 5,000 USDT membership which meant I would receive 0.5% back of my 5,000 USDT (25 HU) for 600 days, totalling 15,000 HU (3x my 5,000 USDT).

Remember... 1 HU = 1 USDT = $1

I then started to rebuy new memberships with every 50 HU of rewards. Each one of those added 150 HU (3x) to my total rewards.

I also introduced some new members to HyperFund, which seriously accelerated my rewards. It's important to note that I'm not receiving commissions for introducing others, I'm just receiving my pending rewards faster than the original 600 day timespan. Every member is treated exactly the same, which makes the business model sustainable.

Originally, I was planning to start withdrawing once I had doubled my daily rewards. The thing is, I'm already up to 200+ HU of daily rewards and I only bought my first membership a month ago!

I'm receiving rewards faster, which means I can rebuy more memberships, which accelerates my rewards even more... and so on. Everyone wins.

I'm interested to see how long it takes to get up to 500 HU of daily rewards and beyond. I'm rebuying multiple 50 HU memberships every day with my rewards and the amount I get back keeps rising.

At this rate, I'll make it by the end of the year and then I'll be able to get my initial 5,000 USDT back in ten days.

From there, I'll be able to rebuy 500+ HU every other day and withdraw the rest (7,500+ HU per month).

That's the new plan, let's see how it goes.

Getting Started with HyperFund

When you join HyperFund with my referral link, I will share a number of videos which explain exactly how to buy USDT, transfer it to HyperFund and buy a membership. Once your membership is active, I will request access to the private Telegram group and share more videos which explain how HyperFund works, how to rebuy, how to withdraw, etc.

If you do nothing after that, you will receive 3x your membership. You get your original amount back after 200 days, then the rest follows.

However, building a team accelerates rewards incredibly quickly. You don't have to do this, but I strongly encourage it. Once you have your first membership, I will send you a video series which explains how to introduce others and build a team to accelerate your rewards.

These videos are fantastic! They feature an Australian who coaches 10-12 of the best people in his team. He doesn't spend a lot of time doing it, but his rewards are staggering. I'm planning to do something similar in the new year, so keep in touch if you're serious about team building.

In the meantime, this is my link which allows you to create a free account.

I haven't had any problems using Chrome, but HyperFund support say that it's best to use the Firefox or Brave browser.

Once you've created your free account, email me with your account username and I'll send you the first set of videos.

If you don't know anything about crypto, don't worry! I'm very happy to help you get started and there is all sorts of support and educational material available (videos, podcasts, etc) once you create your free account.