Gala Games Update: Distribution Rewards, NFTs and More

It's been four months or so since I shared details of my new investment in a Gala Games node. How is it all going?

From a time perspective, I've done nothing at all. I've simply let my node run on a VPS and watched the distribution rewards pile up.

I've been receiving between 1,100 and 1,200 GALA every day on autopilot:

GALA distribution rewards

All of these distribution rewards add up to a total of 181,994 GALA. 

GALA node as of August 2021

Of course, the next question is, "how much money is 181,994 GALA worth?"

Well... the price of GALA has been up and down, pretty much in line with the broader cryptocurrency market.

It dipped soon after I bought the node, just as Bitcoin took a dive from its all-time high of $65,000. As you can see below, GALA has recovered well from its low.

GALA price chart (August 2021)

As I write this, GALA coins are worth $0.02118 each.

Therefore, 181,994 x $0.02118 = $3,854.63

The Gala Games node cost me around $8,000 to buy, so I could sell all my GALA today and recover almost half my money.

That's not at all bad after only four months!


You will also notice that I have a few NFTs (non-fungible tokens) sitting in the "Blockchain Updates" section. 

Here's the node again:

GALA node as of August 2021

I have:

  • Arrow Tower - Lv 2
  • Express Depot
  • Siege Tower - Lv 1

What is an NFT? Here's a video which explains it all.

Ok... so I have these NFTs, now what?

There's a marketplace called OpenSea which allows anyone to buy or sell NFTs. I could list them for sale on there and make some money back.

For example, the "Siege Tower - Lv 1" is currently listed for around $40.

Alternatively, I could sit tight and see what they're worth in the future. If the Townstar game takes off, then the value should rise... but who knows?!

My Plan

I'm still happy to sit tight for the time being.

My original plan - click here - was to get my initial investment back within 10 months and I'm well on track to do that.

If the GALA price rises, it'll happen a lot sooner and then everything else will be a profit. Of course, the price could drop again and leave me waiting a bit longer.

At this point, I'm pretty confident that all is going well.

Gala's big project is Mirandus and that hasn't even launched yet!

Get Involved

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in this exciting new opportunity.

The first is to create a free account - click here - and start playing games. You will receive points for inviting friends, which grows the Gala Games community.

If you're not into gaming yourself but you want some exposure to the potential upside, you can buy Gala (GALA) directly from an exchange.

The third way to get involved - which is what I have done - is to click here and buy a node.