Gala Games Update: Binance Listing = Profit in the Bank!

When I posted my last Gala Games update in August, I had mined 181,994 GALA coins which were worth $0.02118 each. Had I sold them all at that point, I would have recovered $3,854.63 of my initial $8,000 Gala Games node investment. It wasn’t a bad position to be in after just four months. However, something BIG just happened…

Gala Games Update: Distribution Rewards, NFTs and More

Townstar by Gala Games

It’s been four months or so since I shared details of my new investment in a Gala Games node. How is it all going? From a time perspective, I’ve done nothing at all. I’ve simply let my node run on a VPS and watched the distribution rewards pile up.

Gala Games: My Best Crypto Investment of All?

Gala Games: Owned by Players

I haven’t invested in any projects or bought any cryptocurrency since 2018. After the top of the market in 2017, there was a deep correction and it took until 2020 to reach new highs. I’ve been gradually selling Bitcoin (BTC) as the price edges higher, locking in profit as I go. Now, however, I’m excited to get involved in a new project.