Town Star from Gala Games: $70 per Day for 45 Minutes ‘Work’

Town Star is a 'play-to-earn' game from Gala Games. It's quick and easy to play but, best of all, you can make lots of money with it!

I'm not talking Monopoly money or those gold coins that Sonic the Hedgehog was after, but actual cash in your pocket.

If you've been following my Gala Games journey, I bought my Founder Node back in March 2021. It's been giving me GALA coins every day since and, more recently, TOWN.

Late in 2021, Binance and Coinbase listed GALA which sent the price through the roof! I sold a chunk to lock in a very tidy profit and continued to acquire more, each and every day.

As of January 2022, my Founder Node is giving me around $250 worth of GALA and TOWN every day. At this point, it's pure profit.

If you didn't buy a Founder Node last year, then you're probably kicking yourself. As of today, they cost $86,000 each!

There is good news though! There's a much more affordable way to earn money from Gala Games and that's by playing Town Star.

Introduction to Town Star

Town Star is a bit like Farmville or Sims. You gather resources, turn them into something useful and then sell them.

Town Star

It's a neat game, but all I'm interested in is making actual cash that I can spend in real life!

To do that, I spend a few hours at the start of each month setting up my town. I then complete a daily challenge, which typically takes 45 minutes.

However, most of that 45 minutes is spent waiting for enough product to sell. I don't actually have to do anything other than send my truck to the nearest city every 5-7 minutes.

So yes, I'm sat here for 45 minutes, but I'm not spending even 5 minutes on Town Star!

Challenge Rewards

Once you complete the daily challenge, you collect your rewards.

Town Star: Challenge Complete!

My rewards are currently 105 TOWN per day.

At the current TOWN price, that's 105 * $0.6714 = $70.49.

Town Star price: 4th January 2022

I'm very happy with that, it's more than $25,000 per year!

But wait... on 29th November 2021, the price of TOWN reached $2.31. At that price, my 105 challenge rewards per day add up to $88,530 per year.

What if the price rises to $5.00? $10.00? More?!

Qualifying for Rewards

There are a couple of steps to complete in order to qualify for your rewards.

Firstly, you need some 'Gala Power'.

There's an equation for this:

Gala Power = GALA + (TOWN * 2)

From levels 1-20, 5,000 Gala Power raises your level by one. Therefore, every 5,000 GALA you hold or 2,500 TOWN will raise your level by one.

If you don't have any GALA or TOWN, you will need to buy some. At today's prices, 5,000 GALA costs $2,158 and 2,500 TOWN costs $1,678.

Once you have Gala Power, you need to buy at least one Non-Fungible Token (NFT). You can place any number of NFTs in the game, but you need Gala Power in order to earn from them.

For example, if you have Gala Power of 4, you will earn from 4 NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs have in-game benefits and they also determine how many rewards you will receive.

At this time, I own 7 NFTs but I'm only Gala Power level 6 because I sold so much GALA to lock in a profit. That's ok, I'll soon be up to 7 again.

The cheapest NFT is the 'Express Depot'. When you sign up for a free Gala Games account and then upgrade to Gala Gold for $50, you receive this NFT.

Town Star Express Depot NFT

In the game, the Express Depot allows you to make deliveries to cities much faster.

That's useful, but we're after real cash, right?

So... place your Express Depot in Town Star and complete the daily challenge, then you'll receive 1 TOWN.

After 75 days, you'll have 75 TOWN. At the current price, 75 TOWN is worth $50 so that's your money back right away.

You can then continue to make 1 TOWN per day or sell your NFT. It's an asset you own, so you can do whatever you want with it.

As I write this, an Express Depot has just sold on Opensea for $114.

Buying More NFTs

In order to make my 45 minutes per day more lucrative, I decided to buy additional NFTs.

I already owned an Express Depot, then I added a Tesla Coil and 5 x Mr Puddles. The Tesla Coil generates energy, while Mr Puddles waters crops.

Town Star Tesla Coil NFT

These NFTs costs me a total of $14,704.16 plus some GAS fees for moving them around on the Ethereum blockchain. Let's make it a round $15,000.

They give me the following daily rewards:

  • Tesla Coil: 60 TOWN
  • Mr Puddles: 9 TOWN
  • Mr Puddles: 9 TOWN
  • Mr Puddles: 9 TOWN
  • Mr Puddles: 9 TOWN
  • Mr Puddles: 9 TOWN
  • Express Depot: 1 TOWN

That's a total of 106 TOWN. I can only earn from 6 at the moment though, so 105.

At the current TOWN price, I'm making $70.49 per day or $25,731 per year.

They cost $15,000? I'll have that back in 213 days and everything more will be profit.

Bear in mind that there are cheaper NFTs which provide smaller rewards. I'm in a strong financial position where I can happily throw $15,000 at a project.

If you prefer, you can start with one NFT and add more later on.

Long-Term NFT Prices

In addition to my daily rewards, I'm also hoping that the value of each NFT rises.

Only 2,500 'Tesla Coil' NFTs were created and there are currently 91 left in the Gala Games Store. As the game grows in popularity, these NFTs may become much more valuable.

Gala Games is just getting started. I was fortunate to buy a Founder Node early and the value of that has risen more than 10x. Will NFTs follow?

As more players join, getting in early may pay dividends once more.

One of the more established blockchain gaming companies, Axie Infinity, has a market cap of almost $6bn and a token price of $94.47. A year ago, the AXS token was worth just $0.69.

Today, TOWN is worth $0.67 so how high could it go a year from now?

Imagine if it gets to $10 and I've been accumulating 105 TOWN every day for a year... that's $383,250!

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Getting Started

Firstly, create a free account - click here - so you can have a good look around. You can start playing Town Star to see what all the fuss is about.

Once you're ready to start earning, upgrade to Gala Gold and get your Express Depot NFT.

You can then buy GALA or TOWN from any number of exchanges. GALA is easier to buy because it's listed on more exchanges, but TOWN is cheaper (at the moment).

There are plenty of Town Star NFTs available on Opensea - click here - if you want to accelerate your earning power.

Have fun!

    • I complete the daily challenge, 1,000 stars. The weekly challenge leaders have insane amounts of stars… they must play 24/7!

      • They kind of do. Pretty sure they use bots. If gala could get rid of the bots. Then the weekly challenge would be fair(ish). Reckon this would help townstar in general aswell.

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