Gala Games Update: Binance Listing = Profit in the Bank!

When I posted my last Gala Games update in August, I had mined 181,994 GALA coins which were worth $0.02118 each.

Had I sold them all at that point, I would have recovered $3,854.63 of my initial $8,000 Gala Games node investment. It wasn't a bad position to be in after just four months.

However, something BIG just happened...

Gala Games and Binance Tweet

Yes! GALA coins are now listed on the Binance exchange!

This is just what I had been waiting for. The GALA price immediately tripled, before settling just above $0.05. 

Look at that price spike!

GALA coins one month price chart (September 2021)

Of course, I took the opportunity to sell my 181,994 GALA coins and lock in a profit.

My Gala Games node originally cost $8,000 and I sold my GALA coins today for $9,769. That leaves me ahead by $1,769.

But that's not all...

Since my last update - click here - I have received another two NFTs and I've mined another 45,656 GALA coins. The coins alone are worth $2,450 at today's price!

I'm very happy with this investment and everything else will be additional profit.

My Plan

My original plan - click here - was to get my initial $8,000 back within 10 months.

As it happens, I've achieved that in less than six months! I have a profit in the bank, plenty more GALA coins in my wallet and some NFTs to sit on as well.

It really couldn't have turned out any better!

For the time being, I'm happy to sit tight and see what happens next. I have a risk-free bet on the future of Gala Games and it's still just getting started.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in Gala Games.

The first is to create a free account - click here - and start playing games. You will receive points for inviting friends, which grows the Gala Games community.

If you're not into gaming yourself but you want some exposure to the potential upside, you can buy Gala (GALA) directly from Binance.

The third way to get involved - which is what I have done - is to click here and buy a node.