Town Star NFTs: Is it Best to Craft or Buy a Cranebot?

Town Star NFTs are expensive, but the daily rewards that they generate may well be worth a lot more long-term.

Most NFTs are available to buy either from the Gala Games website or through Opensea, which is the best known NFT marketplace.

In my last Gala Games update, I explained how I was generating 105 TOWN each day by playing the Town Star game.

At the time, TOWN was worth $0.67 but the market has had a correction since then. As I write this, TOWN is priced around $0.21 but I'm not worried about that.

My original plan was to stockpile TOWN for a while and then sell later on, so the price today doesn't matter one bit.

I Bought a Cranebot!

In order to speed things up a bit, I bought a cranebot NFT. As well as provide an extra 100 TOWN per day in rewards, the cranebot helps build my town quicker.

This is particularly useful at the start of the month when all the towns reset. I'm able to build my new town faster, then spend the rest of the month collecting rewards for very little effort.

In fact, I can leave the game running for a couple of hours while I go watch a movie. When I come back, I have enough candy canes to provide rewards for a week!

I log in, sell a load of candy canes, collect my rewards and come back the next day. It literally takes seconds!

Town Star: Challenge Complete!

I'm now earning 214 TOWN each day which is worth 214 x $0.21 = $44.94.

However... looking ahead to when - I hope - the TOWN price rises again, I'll be looking at much more than that.

If I collect 214 TOWN each day for the next 180 days (around six months) I'll have 38,520.

The highest price that TOWN reached was $2.13 on 29th November 2021, so let's be conservative and say it gets halfway back to that level.

38,520 x $1.15 = $44,298.

That would more than pay for all my NFTs and leave a profit on top. In addition, I'd be earning more TOWN daily and I could choose to sell my NFTs at any time, likely for a profit.

Buy or Craft a Cranebot?

There are usually two ways to get a cranebot. You can go to Opensea and buy one, or you can collect all the parts and craft one yourself.

At the time of writing, however, crafting has been switched off. It will return once Galachain is live as that will reduce GAS fees considerably.

I wanted to test the crafting option out, so I started buying parts.

Cranebot parts

Here's a list of all the parts you need...

PartQuantity Needed
Assembly Manual CR1
Battery CR3
Bolt CR150
Boom Section30
Brain Chip CR1
Camera CR2
Casing CR1
Circuit Board CR15
Control Valve4
Head Casing CR1
Hook Block1
Hydraulic Hose10
Hydraulic Pump1
Industrial Bolts50
Lift Cylinder1
Nut CR150
Power Cables20
Recoil Spring2
Safety Light1
Screw CR150
Sensor CR8
Servo CR4
Track Chain Links80
Track Rollers20
Track Shoe80
Travel Motor4
Washer CR150
Wire Rope5

That's a long list! I spent 6+ weeks making offers on Opensea and slowly gathering all the parts needed.

The total cost of everything - including GAS - was 5.30 ETH.

When I started, cranebots were selling for around 6.00 ETH so I would have saved a little had the crypto market not corrected... but it all took a lot of time.

After the correction, I was able to pick one up for a lot less than 6.00 ETH and that one is now earning me 100 TOWN each day while I wait for Galachain to go live.

How Much Does a Cranebot Cost to Buy?

This is the price of a cranebot NFT today...

Cranebot page on Opensea

You're looking at roughly $12,000 plus a bit of GAS to transfer it to Gala Games.

At $0.21 per TOWN, the payback time is 571 days which is a longer than I'd be happy with.

If the TOWN price goes back to $1.00 though, the payback time is reduced to just 120 days.

Of course, that means that the buy price would also rise!

So... do you buy now and stockpile TOWN while you wait for the price to rise, or wait for that to happen first and then start from zero?

It's a tough call so you'll need to do plenty of research and make your own decision.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is click here to create a free Gala Games account.

You'll be able to have a good look around and even play Town Star for free. If you upgrade to Gala Gold, you'll receive an Express Depot NFT worth 1 TOWN per day.

I now own a total of 9 Town Star NFTs with another cranebot to come once I can craft it. I also own other Gala Games NFTs for Spider Tanks, Fortified and Mirandus.

It's certainly risky, but the potential rewards are huge.

    • To be honest, I have no idea how Spider Tanks will work. I bought a few “uncommon” bodies and weapons thinking that as it’s the next game to go live, it’s likely to attract interest the most attention. You can play the beta version, then make a more informed choice.

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