YieldNodes Review: Masternoding for Passive Monthly Returns

Imagine if there was an effortless way to beat the average annual return from the stock market... but monthly!

The FTSE 100 has returned an average of 7.75% annually since its inception in 1984. That means, you can invest £10,000 and expect to make £775 over the following 12 months.

However, when I first got involved with YieldNodes, they had returned an average 10% monthly since 2019. In just one month, a £10,000 investment at 10% return nets £1,000!

Compounding £10,000 at 10% over a full 12 months looks like this...

  • Month 1: £11,000
  • Month 2: £12,100
  • Month 3: £13,310
  • Month 4: £14,641
  • Month 5: £16,105
  • Month 6: £17,715
  • Month 7: £19,487
  • Month 8: £21,435
  • Month 9: £23,579
  • Month 10: £25,937
  • Month 11: £28,531
  • Month 12: £31,384

That's spectacular bank growth and it's possible because of 'masternoding'.


You've probably heard of Bitcoin mining, which is a 'proof of work' reward system for securing the blockchain. This used to be highly lucrative, but these days it requires significant investment in hardware and the energy costs are huge.

A popular alternative is 'proof of stake' which works with nodes, similar to Gala Games. A node is a server within a network which processes transactions and stores them in the blockchain.

Then, there's 'masternoding' which has allowed YieldNodes to achieve exceptional returns.

In order to obtain the status of a master node, the operator - in this case YieldNodes - must deposit a specified number of the relevant coin and manage more critical tasks. In exchange for this, the operator receives greater rewards than a normal node.

How does YieldNodes Work?

The YieldNodes team rent servers which run masternodes in various coins. They keep up to 15% of the proceeds and split at least 85% among everyone who has funded the rentals.

Since the energy cost is minimal and the servers are rented, they claim that losses are "almost impossible". The value of the staked coin can rise or fall in value, but the team compensate for this with "clever strategies".

YieldNodes team

Of course, this does not mean that there's zero risk. If that were the case, I'd invest 100% of my net worth and never work another day of my life!

The crypto markets are not regulated or supervised by any financial entity and future results cannot be guaranteed.

However, the track record to date had been stellar and the 4.7 out of 5.0 rating at Trustpilot from 326 reviews gave me added confidence.

I was very happy to deposit some funds to see what could be achieved.

My YieldNodes Account

The minimum deposit to open an account is €500. This is a very affordable amount and you can add smaller deposits whenever you like, perhaps monthly, to build your balance.

I deposited around €30,000 (approximately £25,000) into my YieldNodes account. It ended up as a little more than that as the Bitcoin price rose slightly as I was transferring it across.

There's a 7 day holding period while servers are rented, so I received a return of €821 at the end of November which covered a few days.

From December 2021, my full balance went to work and I compounded at 100%:

Monthly ProfitClosing BalanceBank Growth
November 2021€30,131-€821€30,9522.7%
December 2021€30,9527.5%€2,319€33,27110.4%
January 2022€33,2718.0%€2,661€35,93219.3%
February 2022€35,9328.3%€2,982€38,91429.1%
March 2022€38,9147.4%€2,880€41,79438.7%
April 2022€41,7948.3%€3,468€45,26250.2%

It's very impressive!

Here's a screenshot of my account as of 1st March 2022:

My YieldNodes account on 1st March 2022

I am compounding 100% of my returns for the time being, so that means 5%-15% monthly return on a larger amount of money every month.

If the monthly return averages 8.0% throughout 2022, my bank will grow to around €84,000.

However, I could reasonably expect the monthly return to increase in a steady crypto market, which would accelerate the compounding effect substantially.

Even at 8.0% though, during 2023 I will be able to reduce my compounding to 50% and receive a monthly income.

I'd receive a total income of €50,487 over the year, while still increasing my total balance.

Here are the projections for 2023:

Return (8.0%)

It's a fantastic return if it continues long-term. Remember though, crypto is risky so don't deposit more than you could afford to lose if, for some reason, everything went wrong.

I've also tested the withdrawal process. It was very simple and worked perfectly, so I have no concerns about getting my money back out.

Getting Started with YieldNodes

Firstly, click here to create your YieldNodes account.

You'll be able to have a good look around, view historical returns and ask the team any questions you have. Steve, the CEO, even responds to WhatsApp messages!

YieldNodes past performance calculator

When you're ready to get involved with masternoding, you can deposit as little as €500 to start with and cancel your contract at any time once six months have passed.

Returns are paid monthly and you can compound automatically, if you wish.

YieldNodes automatic compounding

You will find more details here, along with FAQs.

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    • Hi Adam

      There’s nothing more to do except set your “Automatic Compounding” amount on the “Withdrawal” page. Mine is set to 100% for now, I’ll review it in 6-12 months.

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