Bankera ICO: Digital Bank for the Blockchain Era

I haven’t invested in many ICOs (initial coin offerings) so far, though perhaps I’ve been a little too cautious. After all, my returns so far from the two I did participate in have been quite stunning!

I invested just $1,750 worth of Ethereum in the Bitquence (now rebranded to Ethos) ICO in July 2017. Having cashed in more than $20,000 worth of my BQX tokens, I still hold around $100,000 worth. They have almost touched $200,000 in total value too, so perhaps there’s more to come.

And my second ICO investment – LAToken (LAT) – has seen my initial investment more than double.

I’m wary that a number of ICOs are complete scams, but with massive returns available it’s not the worst thing in the world to hit a couple of duds and then clean up with a few others.

Introducing Bankera

Bankera is aiming to build a “digital bank to last for the blockchain era“.

Here’s a short video which explains very clearly what they are trying to do:

That all sounds very cool, especially the debit cards linked to cryptocurrency which Visa recently pulled the plug on. Once Bankera get their banking licences, they will be able to issue their own debit cards and fill a huge gap in the market.

The Bankera Team

When I invest in a coin, the team behind it is very important. The Bankera team has experience in many areas, but most excitingly for me is the list of advisors.

You have Lon Wong who heads the NEM project, Antanas Guoga and Eva Kaili who are Members of the European Parliament and actively promote blockchain. There’s a PR expert, a data scientist, tax and accounting experts… it seems that all the bases are covered.

Bankera ICO

I have invested 2 Ethereum (approximately $2,000) into the Bankera ICO and received 90,527 BNK tokens in return.

Apart from holding the token themselves, 20% of Bankera’s net transaction revenues will be distributed to BNK holders every week. It’s similar to holders of NEO receiving GAS tokens as proof of stake.

The ICO buying process was very easy:

  1. I opened a Spectrocoin account – click here – and transferred Ethereum into it. If you prefer, you can transfer Bitcoin, Dash or many other tokens. You can even verify your account and transfer £GBP or €EUR from a card, Skrill, Neteller or a number of other options.
  2. I visited the Bankera ICO website – click here – and clicked on the “GET BNK” button.
  3. I exchanged my Ethereum for BNK tokens on the Spectrocoin platform and they are now sitting in my wallet.

It’s now a case of waiting for my BNK tokens to get to work. It will be interesting to see what happens to their price on exchanges once the ICO is completed. If they do half as well as Ethos – and pay the weekly dividend on top – I’ll be over the moon!

Note: I’ve made a very good profit from cryptocurrency since 2015 and if this is one of the ICOs which goes to zero, I’m absolutely fine with losing $2,000. Be aware that this is higher risk than many other investments, don’t invest money which you’re relying on and do your own research!

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