Is Voyager Digital Ltd and the VGX Token About to Soar?

Voyager Digital

I first invested in Voyager back in 2017. It was the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that I got involved with and, certainly, the most successful. I’ve already locked in a profit of more than 60x my initial investment. Of course, I’m very happy with that return, but recent news has me excited about further growth potential. In fact, I’m so bullish about the future that I’ve just invested in the company itself, Voyager Digital Ltd.

Gala Games Update: Binance Listing = Profit in the Bank!

When I posted my last Gala Games update in August, I had mined 181,994 GALA coins which were worth $0.02118 each. Had I sold them all at that point, I would have recovered $3,854.63 of my initial $8,000 Gala Games node investment. It wasn’t a bad position to be in after just four months. However, something BIG just happened…

Gala Games Update: Distribution Rewards, NFTs and More

Townstar by Gala Games

It’s been four months or so since I shared details of my new investment in a Gala Games node. How is it all going? From a time perspective, I’ve done nothing at all. I’ve simply let my node run on a VPS and watched the distribution rewards pile up.

Gala Games: My Best Crypto Investment of All?

Gala Games: Owned by Players

I haven’t invested in any projects or bought any cryptocurrency since 2018. After the top of the market in 2017, there was a deep correction and it took until 2020 to reach new highs. I’ve been gradually selling Bitcoin (BTC) as the price edges higher, locking in profit as I go. Now, however, I’m excited to get involved in a new project.

Where Did all the Green Go?!

The cryptocurrency markets have fallen off a cliff over the past few days… all the way back to where they were six weeks ago. And that’s the point, it’s just a healthy correction. No need to panic!